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Cybersecurity threatscape: Q2 2023

The number of incidents rose by 4% compared to the previous quarter and by 17% against Q2 2022. Successful cyberattacks on organizations most often resulted in leakage of confidential information (51%) and disruption of operations (44%). Targeted attacks accounted for 78% of the total. Ransom cyberattacks are still on the rise: the number of incidents grew by 13% compared to Q1. On the flip side, ransomware groups tend to threaten their victims with publishing the stolen data, rather than ask to pay a ransom for data decryption. We note that cybercriminals use spyware in attacks on individuals more frequently. The number of crimes against blockchain projects increased as well. Q2 saw numerous major leaks of users' personal data and large-scale attacks that exploited vulnerabilities.
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Cybersecurity threatscape of African countries 2022–2023

Africa is a region with a rapidly growing economy. African countries have enormous potential, but digitalization is occurring faster than the implementation of cybersecurity laws and regulations. The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks threatens the security of critical information infrastructure, and the inability to thwart cyberthreats leads to serious consequences for individuals, businesses, and socio-economic development of the entire region. In our research, we will examine the main challenges to the cybersecurity in Africa and ways to build a resilient and secure digital environment.
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Cybersecurity threatscape in the Middle East: 2022-2023

This is our report of active cyberthreats in the Middle East during 2022 and 2023. In this report, we discuss the statistics of cyberattacks on organizations and individuals in the region, cybersecurity challenges, industries most attractive to attackers, and specifics of attacks in the Middle Eastern countries. The report also provides a list of the most active hacker groups and highlights current security threats to organizations and individuals in 2023, as well as ways to address cybersecurity challenges in the Middle East.
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Positive Research 2023

We are proud to present the latest issue of our Positive Research journal. In this issue, we review the year 2022 and discuss trends of 2023. The focus is on high-profile attacks, results-oriented cybersecurity, non-tolerable events, industry-specific case studies and security research, as well as real-world expertise of Positive Technologies.
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Cybersecurity threatscape: 2022 rundown

The total number of incidents increased by 20.8% in 2022. The past year was dominated by large-scale data breaches, as numerous reports surfaced of compromised data belonging to various companies and their customers. There was an increase in the share of successful attacks aimed at corporate web resources. In attacks against individuals, bad actors increasingly used spyware. Social engineering remained popular, and attacks on IT companies often had cross-industry implications. In this research, we summarize the results of 2022, describe new trends as well as the ones that strengthened throughout the year, and share forecasts and recommendations on how to protect yourself and your business from current cyberthreats.
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