App security: numbers

  • 100%

    of tested applications contain vulnerabilities
  • 100+

    average number of vulnerabilities in a single application
  • 100%

    of financial applications contain high-risk vulnerabilities
  • 85%

    of applications contain vulnerabilities enabling attacks on users
  • #1

    cause of hacks and data leaks: web attacks
  • 72%

    of perimeter breaches occur due to web vulnerabilities
  • 65%

    of perimeter breaches lead to full control of data
  • $3.86

    million average cost of a single data leak


Product overview

PT Application Inspector is the right choice for applications of any size and industry. A unique combination of scanning methods—static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), interactive application security testing (IAST), software composition analysis (SCA), plus fingerprint and pattern matching— guarantees accurate results to defend applications everywhere from landing pages to corporate portals, online stores, banking apps, cloud services, and e-government portals.
  • With PT AI, security professionals win:

    • Detect and confirm security vulnerabilities without a deep dive into source code or the development process.

    • Make sure that a vulnerability can be exploited before spending time to fix it. PT AI automatically generates safe test requests (exploits) to check it.

    • Easily collaborate with the development team, creating tickets for them with one click.

  • So do your development teams:

    • Start using PT AI without additional setup. No access to a test environment required.

    • Detect confirmed and suspected vulnerabilities, focusing on the most critical ones.

    • Fix code quickly. PT AI shows details and exploitation conditions for each vulnerability and automatically recommends the best place to fix to jump-start the remediation process.



  • High-quality analysis

    The combination of static, dynamic, and interactive application security testing (SAST + DAST + IAST) delivers unparalleled results. PT Application Inspector pinpoints only real vulnerabilities so you can focus on the problems that actually matter.
  • Rapid remediation

    Accurate detection, automatic vulnerability verification, filtering, incremental scanning, and an interactive data flow diagram (DFD) for each vulnerability are special features that make remediation much quicker.
  • Fix early

    Minimize vulnerabilities in the final product and the costs of fixing them. Perform analysis at the earliest stages of software development.
  • Flexible workflow integration

    Security development lifecycle (SDL) full support. Integrates with most popular bug trackers systems, CI/CD and version control systems (Jira, Jenkins, TeamCity, and more).
  • Real-time protection

    Block application layer attacks with automatic export of vulnerability reports to PT Application Firewall. Your application always stays protected. PT AF blocks attacks at the firewall level—even when your team is still working to make a fix.
  • Regulatory and standards compliance

    PT AI helps you to regularly perform in-house compliance audit. Source code is checked for application security risks and undeclared functionality, easing compliance with key industry standards including PCI DSS.

Make vulnerability detection a team effort


Developing a secure application requires that everyone be on board. PT AI helps to create a culture of secure development by working for all stakeholders—QA, developers, security specialists, DevOps pros, and management—and giving them the tools they need to focus on their jobs and communicate effectively.




Customer cases

  • Rich Hong
    Confide CTO

    Confidential messaging provider Confide Inc. boosts consumer confidence with application security services from Positive Technologies:

    "Working with Positive Technologies was a dynamic and productive experience. Our team received a weekly report on the vulnerabilities found and the recommendations for remediation. This enabled us to get straight to work fixing weaknesses as soon as they were uncovered. We were really happy with the assessment work and how the project was conducted. We remain committed to continuously improving the security of our products and services and we look forward to working with the Positive Technologies team again in the future."

    Read success story
  • Konstantin Varov
    Managing Director, Diasoft Platform

    Diasoft chooses Positive Technologies for secure development:

    "Banks and other financial institutions are constantly experiencing increasingly sophisticated attempts by intruders to find vulnerabilities in their information systems. That is why security should be taken more seriously when developing banking information systems. And it is important to start being concerned about security at the earliest development stages, from the first line of code. Positive Technologies solutions help us to ensure the security of our clients."

    Read success story
  • Juergen Streit
    Director of Worldwide IT Security for Tech Data

    Tech Data partners with Positive Technologies for the long term, starting with security audits and progressing to deployment of PT AI:

    "PT Application Inspector has become an integral part of our ongoing security testing program for dozens of web applications. It filters out false positives and irrelevant results, allowing us to really optimize our AST processes and focus our time on tackling real threats instead of searching for them like a needle in a haystack."

    Read success story
  • Director of the Information Security Department

    Every quarter, the security team at a major bank uses PT Application Inspector to audit the source code of its e-banking web applications:

    "The standards for e-banking development at our company are exceptionally strict with respect to code quality, vulnerability detection, and remediation speed. We equally care about making sure that all e-banking updates reach our clients on time and do not introduce any new errors. For ongoing protection audits, we reached out to the experts at Positive Technologies, who have exceptional experience and skill in banking security."
  • Dmitry Kostikov
    Head of Information Security at Sberbank NPF

    Sberbank Non-Government Pension Fund (Sberbank NPF) began use of PT Application Inspector to analyze application code and deployed PT Application Firewall to defend its services:

    "Thanks to the comprehensive SAST & DAST solution provided by Positive Technologies, we have maintained our fast go-to-market pace for new services. In doing so, we have also succeeded in setting up an effective collaboration process between the development and security teams plus ensuring exceptional security for our existing and in-development applications."
  • Head of Information Security

    Continuous security for continuous delivery—a large trading portal has automated code acceptance with the help of PT Application Inspector:

    "By integrating PT Application Inspector and PT Application Firewall with our production environment, we can keep our portal safe from the latest cyberthreats, while not letting security get in the way of developing new functionality."

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