PT BlackBox is a black-box security scanner for web applications. It makes the job of security researchers easier and provides useful information to help fix vulnerabilities.

PT BlackBox core makes it possible to use data from other Positive Technologies products. PT BlackBox knowledge base includes many years of research results and practical experience of cybersecurity experts, and is constantly being updated.

Input data

  • 91%

    of web applications are vulnerable to information leakage
  • 72%

    of web application vulnerabilities arise from software bugs
  • 84%

    of web applications are vulnerable to unauthorized access
  • 48%

    of web applications have a low or extremely low security level


Key capabilities

  • Lowers resource consumption by recognizing and skipping duplicate pages.
  • Uncovers hidden threats using a combination of signature and heuristic analysis. Continuously updates information on vulnerabilities.
  • Can be integrated into the development and release cycle for efficient vulnerability detection and remediation.
  • Users can customize analysis parameters, including authorization settings, and add scanning profiles.

Positive Technologies: making the internet safer, one application at a time

Our PT BlackBox product family includes PT BlackBox Scanner, a free cloud-based scanning tool for websites. It enables web application owners to find vulnerabilities and get a list of recommended remediation measures. PT BlackBox Scanner is available in two versions, with or without user registration.

Comparison of PT BlackBox and PT BlackBox Scanner


 PT BlackBox Scanner without registrationPT BlackBox Scanner with registration PT BlackBox
User authorization-++
Customizable target settings-++
Fast scanning (micro)+++
Full scanning (optimal)-++
Customizable scanning profiles--+
Authorization in targets (various types)--+
CI/CD scenarios to launch scans-++
Simultaneous scanning of multiple targets--+


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