Application Vulnerabilities Detection: best practices to elevate security standards

As trusted security solutions advisor, you must know that many companies have limited resources when it comes to application security, which is why they outsource this service to you. How can you deliver best practices in application security to a broader range of customers?

Learn how Positive Technologies can support you with our MSSP-friendly Application Inspector.

As a security solutions advisor, you are also well aware that a security-by-design approach is crucial when companies have extensive internal development. They seek your help in building in-house DevSecOps from scratch while avoiding common mistakes. See how Positive Technologies can help you deliver an unparalleled experience and elevate security standards with the on-premise Application Inspector product.

Join our webinar on May 24, 2023 to learn more about Positive Technologies PT Application Inspector in a live demo.

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The Positive Technologies team

Speaker: Alexey Zhukov
Product tech leader, Positive Technologies