How can management be 100% sure that their cybersecurity works properly

7 March 2024. 11:00 (GMT+3)

Should cybersecurity be at the forefront of business priorities? How do cybersecurity incidents reverberate through the business world?

Join our webinar for an enlightening session on the key differences between cyberthreats, cyberrisks, and business risks, along with strategies for identifying critical events that your company's infrastructure can't withstand.

We've invited a cybersecurity expert from Positive Technologies to lead the webinar, guiding us through the process of prioritizing events that can lead to catastrophic consequences, and how to prove that they can't be realized.



Ilya Leonov (Regional Director MENA, PT),

Mikhail Kader (Security Architect, PT),

Sergey Bereza (Head of International Education, PT)